Music Lessons

Drum Kit Group Lessons

Drum kit playing has developed much over the years. At M&L Music School we equip our drummers with the necessary skills to play traditional and/or contemporary drum kit playing, teaching good technique from the beginning. We accommodate both beginners to advanced and we can offer Trinity Guildhall and Rock School grades depending on the level of playing and preferred style of Music.

Our classes consist of stick technique, foot technique, coordination, rhythm imitations, tempo exercises, drum kit beats, sight-reading, fills, improvisation, and drum kit pieces.

Group drumming classes provide an opportunity for “synchronicity” and create a sense of connectedness.

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Piano Group Lessons

The piano is one of the most popular instruments among all western instruments. At M&L Music School we equip our piano players with all the necessary skills to play different styles of music using good technique. From beginners to grade 8 level (grade 5 is a level that would be enough to gain an A in a GCSE solo instrumental assessment).

Piano Group Lessons are an encouraging and challenging environment that can be highly motivational. Learning and playing the piano in a group allows students to practice and perform in front of other people while building confidence.

Our piano classes consist of learning pieces using notated music and by ear; scales; sight-reading; aural and technique exercises. We can prepare students to take Trinity guildhall grades, ABRSM, and Rock School piano or keyboard exams as well as performances.

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Singing Group Lessons

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Our singing lessons are for beginners to advanced, from ages six to adults. Our students can choose to take Rockschool singing grades if they wish to. Although we specialize in Pop, Soul, Gospel, and RnB, the training we offer will also benefit other genres such as classical, Folk, Rock, and Jazz. Our lessons are focused on having a great time singing together and building our students’ confidence to perform in front of an audience. We provide several performance opportunities throughout the year from less informal showcases to more formal productions and recitals.  

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