Our Story

’Martin and I met in London in 2000 and married in 2005. Over the years we have performed together in bands, co-organized numerous Open Mic nights, and led worship in gospel settings.

After the birth of our first daughter, I noticed how she’d naturally point her feet, and as soon as she learnt to sit she would bounce along to any music she heard. This inspired me to become a registered teacher with my favourite classical ballet school – the Royal Academy of Dance. By the time my daughter was approaching her fourth birthday, and still showing a passion for dancing, I decided not to postpone my dream any longer, and with Martin, I opened my first ballet school in Norwich.

Since moving to Newmarket, we decided to combine all our talents and previous experience, and in April 2015 launched M & L School of Performing Arts. Our second daughter was born in December 2015. She has already started to point her feet!’’