Our Classes


boy playing drum kitDrum Kit Lessons:  Drum kit playing has developed much over the years. At M&L Music School we equip our drummers with the necessary skills to play traditional and/or contemporary drum kit playing, teaching good technique from the beginning. We accommodate both beginners to advanced and we can offer Trinity Guildhall and Rock School grades depending on the level of playing and preferred style of Music.

Our classes consist of stick technique; foot technique; co-ordination; Rhythm imitations; tempo exercises, drum kit beats; sight reading; fills; improvisation and drum kit pieces.

Saturdays: £12.75 private 30 mins, £8.50 shared 30 mins, £25.50 private 1 hour, £15.50 shared 1 hour.

boy playing pianoPiano Lessons: The piano is one of the most popular instruments amongst all the western instruments. At M&L Music School we equip our piano players with all the necessary skills to play different styles of music using good technique. From beginners to grade 5 level (grade 5 is a level that would be enough to gain an A in a GCSE solos instrumental assessment).

Our piano classes consist of learning pieces using notated music and by ear; scales; sight reading; aural and technique exercises. We can prepare students to take ABRSM piano or keyboard exams as well as performances.

Saturdays/Wednesdays: £12.75 private 30 mins, £8.50 shared 30 mins, £25.50 private 1 hour, £15.50 shared 1 hour.

girl singingSinging Lessons: Our singing lessons are catered to each individual needs, from beginners to advanced, from ages six to adults. Our lessons are based on the Rock School or Singing Lessons for Little Singers syllabus books as well as other known techniques. Although we specialize in Pop, Soul, Gospel and RnB, the training we offer will also benefit other genres such as classical, Folk, Rock and Jazz.

Our lessons will include; technique, ear training, rhythm training, sight reading and performance.

Saturdays/Wednesdays: £12.75 private 30 mins, £8.50 shared 30 mins, £25.50 private 1 hour, £15.50 shared 1 hour.

girls and boys ballet pic


Pre-School (RAD) Ballet Classes: This class is designed to introduce ballet and movement basics to children from three to five years in a fun and relaxed way. These classes are inspired by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Pre-School Curriculum and adapted by our teacher. In each class the students will enact through movement, dance and facial expressions a story from a book or movie, for example Sleeping Beauty or The Lion King. Story books and props are used to enhance audial, visual and kinesthetic learning as well as imagination. These classes will help to develop confidence, rhythm, social, motor and performance skills.

Saturdays 10 am to 10.40 am, £4.50 per class, ages 3 to 5

Pre Primary pic


Pre-Primary Ballet Classes: The Pre-Primary syllabi develop students’ physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles.  Set to engaging music, the gentle exercises teach the beginnings of the ballet technique in a creative and fun environment. A wide range of props are used to aid learning in all areas.

This class also offers the opportunity to participate in class awards.

Saturdays 10.40 am to 11.25 am, £4.75 per class, ages 5 to 7 years old.


Adult balletadults own Classes: This class is for both male and female and has no age limit. Ideal for those starting ballet for the first time or returning to ballet after many years . If you would like to have fun dancing, get fit and supple while deepening your understanding of classical ballet technique, then this is the class for you.


Saturdays 9 am to 10 am, £5.50 per class no age limit.