RAD Grade 3 Ballet Lessons

RAD Grades 1-3 constitute Level 1 of the RAD’s Graded syllabus and are equivalent to GCSE Grades D-G NVQ level 1.RAD Grades 1-3 promote “feeling before form” where the children are unafraid to try out new sensations of spinning, leaping, and balancing. Musically inspired exercises motivate students to acquire a well-rounded understanding of ballet and character and promote joy in movement, sense of dance, and performance quality. The music for Grades 1-3 is a glorious collection of three centuries of dance music. Ballet encourages self-discipline and self-expression, developing listening skills, encouraging children to follow instructions, learning to work as an individual and in groups, and developing coordination, good posture, strength, and suppleness. Ballet also
provides a nurturing environment for the development of artistry and musical appreciation. Students start to learn Ukrainian dancing in their character work in Grade 3, and are required to wear the higher or Cuban heal shoe.

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